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If you are new to All-of-You Therapy and the services we provide, while we update our online brand to reflect everything we can offer in our new Perth based centre and outreach services from there, you can look at any of our accredited psychotherapy registrations for more information on what we do and how we do it.  You could start by clicking on the BACP link below.  Alternatively, drop us a brief enquiry email and one of our counsellors can arrange to contact you via safe means or for you to visit our centre.  Please note the map provided is for existing clients and visits to the centre are by appointment only, we take our clients’ privacy, safety and security very seriously.

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We’ve been busy making sure our new purpose built centre in Perth is the safest place it can be for the services you need from All-of-You Therapy.  We have now designed and built features around our existing clients and prepared for the needs of any future projected clients too,

We apologise for the unnecessarily extended delay in bringing you the online version of our shiny new brand, we just need to dot the t’s etc on some third party legal issues, unrelated to our efforts on your behalf, and we’ll be right with you online!